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Media Screens CSS

 Media Screens CSS plugin now allows you to write CSS for any device or screens for any post/page via CSS Query Interface or Visual Composer interface. Features: Write CSS for Devices and/or Media Screens Define Unlimited Media Screens Visual Composer Extension Included Toggle Visual Composer Elements Completely hookable and filterable for developers Demo Login URL:

WP Airport Flights Table

 WP Airport Flights Table allows you to show an Inbound/Outbound list of flights via a simple shortcode You can add unlimited flights to the table and select weekdays plus type of the flight: Inbound or Outbound You can enable flight airline &/or origin name to be shown on table or not. AJAX table loader with

Layer – Animated Counter Extension

 Layer – Animated Counter Extension Animated Counter Extension for layer is a jQuery plugin are highly customizable, very easy to implement and use and have 30+ animation effect support to make your site good. Feature responsive support 30+ animation effect support unlimited color combination easy to use highly customizable

WP – Lightweight Dust Particle

 The Lightweight Dust Particle allows you to set a particle background per page (or post) as well as set up a default background for all other pages/posts. Also, you can set particle background to Visual Composer Row & Column elements Requires: HTML5 canvas. Features list: Set a default Lightweight Dust Particle Background for all pages/posts.

Advanced Grid Style for LayersWP

 Advanced Grid Style Advanced Grid Style is a LayersWP extension for you to create post grid with various effect styles. With Advanced Grid Style, you can choose any post types or page you want to display, filter the data source and customize the effect colors in Customizer. No Need to rebuild your contents! Total plugin

Comments Lightbox

 This plugin allows you to transform links to comments into a lightbox displaying comments without refreshing the page. The lightbox works out of the box and require no configuration. It also takes care of matching the style of the currently active WordPress theme on your site. Here is the requirement: Your theme must use the

WooCommerce Show Single Variations

 WooCommerce Show Single Variations allows you to display individual product variations of a variable product in your product listings. You can choose to display each variation in any or all of the following: Normal catalog listings Search results Filtered results All single variations can be added to cart as a normal simple product can be,

Layer – Parallex Background Extension

 Layer – Parallex Background Extension Layer – Parallex Background Extension is support four style and it’s complately responsive, Layer – Parallex Background Extension have animated content with 30+ animation effect with transparent background responsive Parallex Background Extension support four style Transparent background 30 Animation style and more Customize design Support Animated content with 30+ animation

Google Maps PLUS for Visual Composer

 The elements and features of this add-on are also part of our large scale Visual Composer add-on “Composium – Visual Composer Extensions”. Did you ever want to created advanced Google Maps, using multiple markers, overlays, different map styles, and other features the very basic Google Maps element that is already part of Visual Composer does