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Woocommerce Shipping Calculator On Product Page

 Allow your customer to calculate shipping before adding product to the cart with available shipping methods. This plugin shows shipping cost on the product page which helps customers to check the shipping cost of product on the product page itself rather than going to cart page. Features Allow your customer to Calculate Shipping Cost on

WordPress Formula Editor Plugin

 WordPress has no math formula plugin default. This plugin is a formula plugin for WordPress called “Wordpress Formula Editor”, you can use it in WordPress to insert math formula easily. Features Support for multiple formula: Fraction, Script, Radical, Intergral, Operator, Bracket and Function. Support for special characters, such as greek letters, arrows, relations and scripts.

Accura FoodMenu WP – Plugin Modern Restaurant Menu

 Accura FoodMenu WP  is a  quick & easy plugin allows you to add multiple food items, beverage, desert or any other menu item for your restaurant, bar, café, salon, spa, beauty or coffee shop display it in templates, posts, pages and widgets. Using this plug-in, you can put menu items in particular Meal/Dish Type.  Separate

Gravity Forms Invitation Codes

 Use this Add-on to verify a code before someone is able to: Submit a Form Register on your Website Get Access to Members-Only Areas and so much more… Scenarios of the Gravity Forms Invitation Code plugin You have a code that you place in a magazine/print ad and want to track your conversions/Return on Investment

Nude Image Blocke

  The role of this plugin is to help wordpress administrator(s) / website owners to control and block images with explicit (nude/porn) content. It can be described as a background running process which is activated on every image upload and/or comment posting. The plugin is highly customizable so, its scanning behavior can be changed according

Visual Composer Background Sliders

 This is a very simple visual composer add on to generate beautiful background image sliders. You can add background slider in any row. This plugin supports only images for now. For slide animation only fade effect supports for now. Note: Before purchasing this plugin, please make sure that this is Visual Composer addons. Features Option

Hero Boxes for Visual Composer

 Hero Boxes is a responsive image showcase element for Visual Composer. Inspired the experimental design in Mary Lou’s Ideas for Subtle Hover Effects article, we replicated all the effects into something usable in todays modern browsers. We have re-created 30 different designs, you can view them ALL from our preview site. Each design has a

Mailchimp for WordPress

 This plugin is multipurpose integration with Mailchimp. It fetches all Lists, Variables and Interests groups from Mailchimp account. Merge variables and interest groups can be added and delete right from WordPress Dashboard. Once merge vars and interest groups are setup then Subscriptions Form can be generated from selected List’s variables and interest groups. All these

WooCommerce Quick Order

 WooCommerce Quick Order By default, in WooCommerce you must first add product into cart and after this, you can go on checkout page and create order. With plugin you can create quick order, with direct redirection into checkout. You can create: table with unlimited products simple form with Buy now button Buy now button for

WordPress Plugin to Embed Google Form

 Overview googleform is a WordPress plugin to embed google form easily to a site via generated shortcode. Google form is extremely useful as all the response is received in a spreadsheet and this response can also be export as excel sheet. You can also get email in a regular google environment. Building google form is