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WooCommerce Variable Product Layouts

 WooCommerce Variable Product Layouts Plugin is usefull if you want to display all the variations of a product on a single page as individual products. It is useful if you dont want your variable products to be displayed in same old boring Drop Down fashion. It will help you to chose from multiple layouts, either

WP Geolocation Block

 Main Features: WordPress plugin to block visitor by their Geo location. Block wp-admin or admin login page. You can block visitor by their IP address. You can block visitor by IP range. You can block visitor by their country. You can block visitor by their state. You can block visitor by their city. Exclude IP

WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals

 What is Woocommerce Group & daily deal Do you ever wonder if you can integrate the functions and feature of popular group deal websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial into your wordpress woocommerce? Here it is : Woocommerce Group & Daily Deals is a wordpress woocommerce plugin that integrate and works with the woocommerce plugin

Exchange – Product Attribute and Filtering

 iThemes Exchange – Product Attribute and Filtering is an Add-on for Exchange allows you to offer product options such as sizes, colors and/or any custom attribute you want to your products. You can create unlimited variations for each product and assign the attribute for each this variation. Each variation have own properties such as price,

Woocommerce Age Restricted Shopping

 Age restricted shopping is a woocommerce addon which allows you to easily assign any product or category to be only viewable by a certain age group of users. This plugin adds functionality to assign any product or category to be only viewable by a certain age group which you can set on the admin settings.

Way Tweet Card

 This Plugin allow you to configure Twitter card with your site. and also embed Live tweet with Ajax loading with your site. We have include following types of twitter cards that allow your post to desing with twitter. With Twitter Cards, you can attach rich photos, videos and media experience to Tweets that drive traffic

10,000+ Vector Icons

 10000+ Vector Icons – WordPress This plugin is a package of two plugins 5,000+ Vector Icons – WordPress & 5,000+ Vector Icons Set 2 – WordPress. Icons take the least space and say many words. Don’t we think, we need freedom to choose & add icons to our website easily with just one click? This

wpTranslate – Website Translator

 Overview Google Translate has come a long way in the past few years, yet the language select drop down is an eye sore on most websites, This plugin is designed to not only automatically translate your website but also give you complete control over the CSS styling of your Google Translate drop down. If you

WordPress Copy Control Plugin

 Description CONTROL AND MODIFY WHAT USERS CAN COPY OR CUT FROM YOUR WEBSITE.   Add copyright info to the copied text Append or Prepend custom HTML to the copied text. Disable contents selection. Disable Copying contents of your website completely. Replace user clipboard prior to a copy event being called. Get free backlinks and referencing

User Submissions

 User Submissions for WordPress v1.0.4 User Submissions for WordPress is a powerful plugin used for managing any kinds of user submissions on your site. Manage all your user submission content in one plugin. From surveys, user registrations, post creation, adding points and rewards, or managing online therapy sites. One plugin can do it all! Unlimited