Monthly Archives: July 2015

WordPress Chat X (Upgrade Package)

 Why upgrading? Get latest version of CX (updates free and automatic) CX is advanced version of LC. Fast and lightweight It will be always up-to-date. Limitations & Differences Your chat logs and settings in LC can’t be transferred to CX. The plugin will come clean and you will want to setup it from scratch. CX

Easy Empty Cart in WooCommerce

 Easy Empty Cart in WooCommerce extension allows your customers to empty the shopping cart at once from the cart page of the store. This extension has been specially designed to ease the customers shopping experience by allowing them to empty the cart at once from the cart page. With this extension a new Empty Cart

Super AJAX Search Element

 Super AJAX Search Element for Visual Composer allows you to add a fully customisable AJAX Search Element anywhere on your site. More than just a search box… • Customise the form design • Customise the search results • AJAX ‘Results as you type’ • Display Experpt in AJAX results • Same page or new page

The Ultimate Countdown

 The Ultimate Countdown The Ultimate Countdown is a WordPress Plugin that incorporates many Countdown features and allows you to make customised and individual count downs to integrate into your WordPress site. VISUAL COMPOSER ADDON INCLUDED You do not have to have Visual Composer to use our countdowns, but if you do use VP, you will