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Socializor – Floating Social Media Bar WordPress P

 Socializor is a floating social media bar plugin with email and feed subscription options. We have developed this plugin by keeping in mind importance and flexibility of social media share and email subscription required for a site. Socializor is flexible enough that can be match with any wordpress theme of any color. It has many

File Manager

 Convert your website in a file manager system for your clients File Manager Plugin for wordpress, allow user to access folders and download files, Administrator can create users and set permissions, create folders and upload all type of files, also can configurate the mime types for extensions not recognized by default for wordpress. File manager

MoonLight Forum System

 MoonLight Forum system MoonLight presents the most complete and easy to use bulletin board system ever! Simply install the plugin on your WordPress website and start creating your own community In simple terms: It’s Easy -> Everything you need is just in place. It’s Powerful -> Search/Manage/Reply/Post instantly. It’s Beautiful -> It has superior typography

Electric Appliances Cost Calculator

 Electricity rate calculator Electric appliances calculator is a wordpress plugin which helps you to put electricity cost calculator based on electric appliances on your website. Electric appliances cost calculator is wordpress plugins which gives you ability to calculate electricity cost based on different electric home appliances. Like Televisions, Kitchen, Refrigerator, Household, bathroom, Medical, HVAC, Garage

Targeted Content Creator

 Hello, dear friends! Targeted Content Creator – The ultimate marketing tool for WordPress. Today we are pleased to announce a new plugin for the most popular CMS WordPress. With it you can make the content on any site varied depending on the parameters of the incoming traffic (URL parameters). This plugin is very useful when

Forms Management System-WordPress Frontend Plugin

 Forms Management System is a full solution frontend plugin to build advanced posting forms, guest forms, registration and edit profile forms, contact forms and frontend dashboards for WordPress with a visual so easy to use forms builder. Just focus on your website and let Forms Management System handles all the forms for you. New Features:

Smakflakes – various flakes for WordPress

 Features This is WordPress edition version for my Smakflakes – various flakes plugin. 5 preset color modes mode self-selection of color flakes mode of flakes as images you can specify size of the flakes and the number of can also specify power of the wind and its direction, the falling speed flakes rotation mode (when

FlipBook Bundle – flash&pluginWordPress


Roots Popups


Multisite Widget Mimic

 Multisite Widget Mimic This widget replicates other widget areas from any site in a WordPress Multisite! This plugin is meant ONLY for WordPress Multisite installations! Simply place the widget in the area you want it to appear and specify the blog you want to pull from, the widget area you want to mimic widgets from,